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Product information management

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What is product information management?

2020欧洲杯外围网站Product information management (PIM) is the process of assembling and distributing specs, descriptions, and content needed to market and sell a product. PIM software helps brands prepare accurate, compelling product listings for their global e-commerce channels.

Back in the day, shoppers could only learn about products hands-on in shops or in catalogs. But today, shoppers judge your products based on specs, descriptions, images, and videos that compete for eyeballs online.

2020欧洲杯外围网站Most brands manage product information using spreadsheets or platforms made for engineers and product managers. These don’t play nice with marketing systems. So, some unlucky person has to enter and reenter thousands of lines of information into tools for project management, digital asset management (DAM), and e-commerce syndication.

This tedious work increases the risk of inaccurate information reaching customers. If the description or photos show one thing and customers receive something else, they aren’t going to be happy (…cue the bad reviews…).

To solve these problems, we launched a PIM solution for the Widen Collective®. It works in tandem with our enterprise DAM solution. Brands use the DAM+PIM combo to:

Aggregate technical information from engineering and product platforms

Plan 2020欧洲杯外围网站marketing content based on complete product information and specs

Assign 2020欧洲杯外围网站content projects to copywriters and other creators

Route proofs to marketers and product managers for review and approval

Enrich product information with search-optimized descriptions, photos, and videos

Localize 2020欧洲杯外围网站product listings for different regions, regulations, and languages

Transmit 2020欧洲杯外围网站product listings to e-commerce syndication platforms

Update 2020欧洲杯外围网站e-commerce listings as products evolve

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Who needs product information management?

Product managers use the PIM tools to deliver accurate product information to the marketing team. If the specs change afterwards, the product manager can update that information in the PIM tool, triggering an automated alert for collaborators.

Product marketers use the DAM+PIM platform to assign copywriting, photography, and videography for new products. The product marketer attaches the best content to the master product listing.  

Creators 2020欧洲杯外围网站including copywriters, photographers, and videographers use the information stored in the PIM solution to guide their projects. Their work is reviewed and proofed in the DAM+PIM solution. 

E-commerce managers send product listings from the PIM system to e-commerce syndication platforms and publishers. If the product data or content is updated, an alert is triggered for the e-commerce manager to distribute the new information.

Benefits of product information management

Launch products faster by eliminating manual handoffs, redundant data entry, and wild goose chases for missing product photos. 

Protect your brand 2020欧洲杯外围网站by ensuring that accurate specs and content reach e-commerce sites. Your teammates can double-check everything in the PIM solution.

Enter data once2020欧洲杯外围网站 and never re-enter it again. Widen’s PIM tool ingests product data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and transmits it to e-commerce syndication platforms. 

Eliminate email chains that usually come with content requests and proofing workflows. Store, review, approve, and access everything in the Widen Collective. 

Speed up approvals 2020欧洲杯外围网站by using automated notifications to tag in product managers, product marketers, and others who need to sign off before listings go live.

Win over shoppers and outcompete rivals with better product listings. When you’re managing one central product listing instead of dozens, you can invest more time in fine-tuning the copy and images.
benefits of product information management

What you get with product information management

  • Fast data imports
  • Locked values
  • Flexible catalog structure with attributes and product types
  • Master product list
  • Asset management
  • Associate related assets to products
  • Version control
  • On the fly edits and conversions
  • Business process workflows
  • Review and approval
  • Quick search
  • Sort and filter products
  • Set up unlimited channels
  • Select attribute columns for each channel
  • Preview channel exports
  • Export to FTP or download as a CSV